Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in the UK for the First Time?

A Bigfoot researcher from Wales believes he may have inadvertently captured the elusive creature on film in the United Kingdom for the very first time.

The puzzling piece of footage was produced during an investigation by Jason Parsons at a mountain near the city of Cardiff.

As Parsons was documenting strange stick formations found in the forest there, a very large tree can be seen strangely swaying in the background.

Remarkably, it was not until he got home and watched the footage that Parsons noticed the moving tree and what appears to be something dark seemingly pushing it.

Unfortunately, the video is admittedly ambiguous, especially because the scene purportedly featuring Bigfoot takes place in the background of Parsons' footage.

Additionally, since he allegedly had no idea about the scene unfolding in the distance, Parsons never had the chance to pursue the mystery.

However British Bigfoot researchers has analyzed the footage and feel confident that Parsons managed to film something significant.

Although impossible to confirm, if the footage is actually of Bigfoot, then it would constitute the first time the creature has ever been filmed in the UK.

The presence of the legendary cryptid in the United Kingdom has long been a source of debate in cryptozoology as some researchers are skeptical that the creature could exist undetected on relatively small islands.

This does not necessarily mean that there are no Bigfoot in the UK as sightings of the creature there date back as far as 1100 AD, leading some to suspect that there may be a paranormal element at work.

And, finally, for those keeping score at home, the British Bigfoot is known colloquially as a 'Woodwose' and is seem more akin to a 'wildman' rather than an ape-like creature.

Check out the compelling video, complete with extensive analysis, and let us know what you think at our Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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