Watch: Bigfoot Sighting Rattles Witness

By Tim Binnall

A North Carolina man was left visibly shaken last week following what he says was an encounter with Bigfoot. According to a local media report, the unnerving incident occurred this past Friday afternoon in the community of Littleton as Jesse Walker was taking out his trash. When he looked towards a wooded area nearby, the witness says, he was stunned to see a bipedal creature covered in shaggy black fur. The approximately six-foot-tall beast appeared to be hunched over, Walker recalls, and "he had the biggest feet I had ever seen in my entire life."

Based on his description of the creature, one might suspect that he had simply seen a bear, but Walker was certain this was not the case and feels that the furry interloper was more likely the famed Sasquatch. The brief encounter came to an end, he says, when the Bigfoot looked at him and quickly fled the area. The sighting was far from the first such case in the town of Littleton, which is rather well known for what is believed to be a proverbial Bigfoot presence in the area, with a recent encounter being reported this past November.

The community's connection to Sasquatch is exemplified by the fact that it is home to the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum, which, as one might have guessed, is where the astounded witness went following the sighting. In a testament to how deeply impactful the sighting was, Stephen Barcelo, who owns the establishment, said that he found an "emotional" Walker crying outside the building. The man then went inside the museum and shared his story in a powerful video testimonial filmed merely 20 minutes after the event.

In the interview, which is almost uncomfortable to watch, a clearly traumatized Walker attempts to recount the story, but can barely finish speaking as he begins to describe the creature. Reflecting on his opinion of the creature prior to seeing one for himself, he mused that "I believed what people told me, but it's real now." Barcelo and some colleagues subsequently ventured out to the area where the sighting occurred and found broken branches as well as depressed grass, but no prints. What's your take on Walker's account and his remarkable reaction to the experience? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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