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Watch: Bipedal Goat Becomes Star in India

By Tim Binnall

A bizarre piece of footage out of India features a goat strutting down a dirt road on its hind legs to the astonishment of onlookers. The strange scene reportedly unfolded in the village of Telwara, where the owners of the animal managed to teach it to mimic their way of walking. Having successfully accomplished what was presumably a rather difficult task, they subsequently showcased the creature's newly-learned ability by unleashing it upon the community.

In a remarkable video of the semi-bipedal creature in action, the goat can be seen steadily walking an impressive 33 feet as residents of the village watch in amazement. Perhaps the most surprised person in the footage is a man on a motorcycle who passes the animal and does something of a double take trying to register what he had just seen. Word of the wondrous goat has since spread throughout the region and people have begun flocking to the village from hours away to watch the animal perform the unique trick.

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