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Watch: Bizarre 'Reindeer Circles' Caught on Film

A mesmerizing and mystifying video out of Russia shows huge herds of reindeer walking in a circular pattern and no one is quite sure why. The strange scene was captured via a drone during an expedition to the country's Kola Peninsula and posted online by the director of St. Petersburg's Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Unfortunately, he had no explanation for the strange behavior of the reindeer as he only added the cryptic caption "a friend of mine said that the cycles and whirlpools are paths to a different reality."

According to a perusal of responses to the video, the possible reasons cited by viewers were paranormal-themed proposals such as energy vortexes or whatever force may be behind crop circles. More rational-minded individuals suggested that this was simply a defense tactic by the creatures where they protect members of their herd by keeping them 'hidden' at the center of the swirling mass of reindeer. Others opined that perhaps the animals were trying to keep warm, although one would suspect that this would a more commonplace occurrence should that be the reason for their movements.

What is particularly baffling about the video is that not one, but three such 'reindeer circles' can be seen in the video which would seem to indicate that this behavior is not entirely unique to one specific group of creatures. Nonetheless, the precise cause for their almost-eerie antics remains a mystery. Head over to the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page to share your theory on what compelled the creatures to begin running in circles.

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