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Watch: Bizarre 'Swamp Monster' Emerges from Sewer in Malaysia

A nightmarish video from Malaysia shows a mysterious creature of some kind slithering out of a family's bathroom after emerging from the sewer!

Zul Hanif Anip captured the bizarre scene on video after he and his wife spotted the monstrous oddity crawl out of the toilet and begin making it's way across the floor.

He speculated that the creature had been living in the pipes beneath the home, but was baffled by what it could have been since it did not resemble any kind of snake known to him.

Anip noted that the beast sported a small head and tail along with a robust body, which made him suspect that it could have been an animal from a swamp near his home, such as an eel.

In a testament to he and his wife's bravery, the couple actually captured the creature and set it free outside their home.

Unfortunately, their humane act means that it's unlikely that we'll get an answer to the mystery of what the creature might have been.

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Source: UPI


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