Watch: Brave Teen Saves Family Dogs from Menacing Bear in Backyard

By Tim Binnall

A California teenager is being hailed as a hero after she bravely fended off a sizeable bear that had gotten into a confrontation with her family's dogs in their backyard. The jaw-dropping scene, captured by a home security camera, reportedly unfolded in the community of Bradbury on Monday after Hailey Morinico heard her pets barking wildly outside her home. When the teen when out to see what was causing the commotion, she was stunned to see a huge bear sitting atop a wall in her backyard and swiping downward at the family's dogs.

Not wasting any time, Morinico ran out towards the bear and actually shoved the monstrous creature off of the wall to the ground beyond the backyard. As the undoubtedly confused creature regained its bearings from the fall, the quick-thinking teen hurriedly scooped up one of the dogs and ushered the other agitated pooches back into her house to safety. Fortunately, Morinico suffered only a small scratch from the confrontation which could have gone horribly wrong and is now enjoyed some much-deserved viral fame for her remarkable act of heroism.


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