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Watch: British Woman Films Fairy?

By Tim Binnall

In what sounds like something of a modern-day version of the Cottingley Fairy case, a trio of women in England contend that they can see fairies and say that they have video evidence to prove it. Jesse Smart, Rebecca Broomfield, and Karen Kay call themselves 'fairy whisperers' and recently appeared on a British morning television show to discuss their alleged ability to perceive the legendary elemental entities. During the surprisingly lengthy segment their story is treated with a remarkable level seriousness despite the fantastic nature of their claims as well as their questionable decision to wear fairy costumes on the show.

During the interview, Karen Kay explained that fairies can appear in "all different sizes and shapes," including one instance in which she encountered on that was "as big as a tree." This particular encounter proved to be revelatory for the self-proclaimed 'whisperer' as it upended her previous belief that the entities were diminutive. As to what the fairies want, Kay likened them to guardian angels of the 'nature realm' and indicated that they are revealing themselves in order to raise awareness of environmental threats facing the planet.

In an effort to back up their claims, Smart provided the program with what she says is footage of a fairy which she encountered during a walk near a stream. The short clip, which can be seen at the 2:40 mark in the video above, does indeed show some kind of luminous anomaly flickering in the air. When pressed by one of the hosts if the oddity may have merely been a moth, Smart conceded that such a scenario was possible, but also argued that it also "could have been a fairy." Kay quickly echoed that by asserting that "fairies can disguise themselves as insects." To that, the seemingly skeptical host simply observed: "that's convenient."

While it did not appear as if the footage convinced the hosts, the segment continued with Kay telling viewers that anyone can have a fairy appear before them, provided that they are respectful of the entities and open up their minds to the possibility. The trio also shared a few of their personal experiences seeing fairies and warned that people should not let the entities into their home because they can wreak havoc on electronics, specifically computers. Adding one last bit of strangeness to the proceedings, the conversation wound up turning to Madonna, of all people, and Kay declared that "she has fairy energy around her, most definitely."


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