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Watch: Burglar Robs Home as Couple Sleeps

A notorious Chicago area burglar has been caught on tape in an incredibly unnerving home surveillance video.

Known appropriately as the 'Creeper Ghost,' the stealthy thief is believed to be behind a rash of robberies around the North Side of Chicago.

However his latest heist has provided a glimpse of the elusive bandit and it is positively terrifying.

As Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend were sleeping on their couch late Sunday morning, the Creeper Ghost entered their home undetected and stole a handful of items.

When the couple realized the next day that they had been robbed, they checked the home security system and were stunned by a scene straight out of their worst nightmares.

As they slept on the couch with the television blaring, the brazen thief can seen creeping around upstairs.

And then he stops at the top of the stairs and eerily lingers there for a while, watching the TV and, ostensibly, the unfortunate sleeping couple that was unaware of his presence.

Incredibly, the Creeper Ghost managed to pull off the robbery without even drawing the attention of the couples' dogs who were also fast asleep and undisturbed.

In an effort to put a stop to the burglar's reign of terror, a neighborhood watch has been formed to patrol the area streets.

We're guessing Mackercher might be one of the first to sign up, since he may be experiencing quite a few sleepless nights after being stalked by the Creeper Ghost in such an unsettling fashion.

Source: NBC Chicago


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