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Watch: Cars Caught in Epic Buffalo Stampede

Drivers at Kruger National Park in South Africa had an amazing view of a massive herd of buffalo crossing the road, but the perspective for one pair of cars was a bit too close for comfort.

After waiting patiently for the creatures to pass in front of them, the two vehicles slowly continued moving along the road.

They probably should have done so a little faster, since the buffalo suddenly changed their mind and stampeded back from where they had come.

While the trailing car seemed to survive the event relatively unscathed, the white sedan in front of it was not quite as lucky.

Caught right in the middle of the stampede, the unfortunate car was repeatedly smashed by the rampaging beasts.

The outcome of the encounter becomes breathtakingly clear as an enormous cloud of dust settles and reveals that the white vehicle had been almost pushed off the road by the buffalo.

Officials at the park theorize that the creatures had been venturing to a watering hole, but got quickly scared off after seeing a predator.

We're guessing that the original destination for the driver of the white car became an afterthought as they quickly began wondering where the nearest body shop might be.

Source: The Telegraph


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