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Watch: Chilling EVP Captured at Former Courthouse in England

A paranormal researcher in England was astounded when he captured a rather unsettling EVP during an investigation at a building which once served as a courthouse.

Sean Reynolds, of the TV program Ghost Dimension, was exploring the Old Market Tavern in the town of Altrincham when the spooky scene unfolded.

After hearing some unexplained footsteps and knocking, the ghost hunter pleaded with the perceived spirit in the room to continue making its presence felt.

Much to his amazement, a haunting wail, which seemed to say "I never," came in response, leaving Reynolds looking quite shaken by what had just occurred.

The nature of the EVP, coupled with the fact that the pub was once a courthouse during the 19th century, has led to suggestions that the voice was declaring its innocence, although such a supposition is really sheer speculation.

And, of course, skeptics will contend that sound in the recording is something prosaic or, even worse, trickery on the part of Reynolds to raise awareness of his television program.

One suspects, however, that the ghost hunter's reaction to such an assertion would be the same as the voice heard in the video seemingly insisting that they had been wrongly accused.

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Source: Mirror


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