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Watch: Cluster of UFOs Filmed in Dallas

By Tim Binnall

An odd video captured by a Dallas resident shows a series of glowing orbs hovering in the night sky and the bewildered witness believes they may have been alien in nature. The strange scene was reportedly filmed by Javier Estrada III earlier this month when he was celebrating his grandmother's birthday with some family. Stepping outside from the party, the man was amazed to look up at the sky and see a series of "glowing lights hovering real slow."

"I knew it was something out of the ordinary," he recalled, "not scary, just crazy to look at." Estrada managed to film the curious sight which consisted of four orbs floating in the sky seemingly coming together into a diamond shape and then dispersing. Shortly thereafter, another pair of lights appear in the sky trailing the initial four objects. An admitted believer in UFOs, Estrada mused that the ET hypothesis was the first thing that came to his mind when he saw the odd event unfold. "I wouldn’t mind having aliens come to visit," he mused, "but knowing us in the USA we will probably attack them first."

The most obvious explanation for what Estrada saw would seem to be lanterns, based on their motion and shared direction, or perhaps drones. However, one interesting aspect of the case which casts doubt on those prosaic solutions is that the sighting is said to have also been reported by witnesses in a community north of the city and southeast of the city which covers a distance of approximately 80 miles. With that in mind, what's your take on the anomalies in the video? Share your thoughts with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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