Watch: Cluster of UFOs Spotted in Houston

By Tim Binnall

A Texas woman out walking her dog last weekend was stunned when she caught sight of a cluster of glowing orbs hovering through the night sky. The curious scene reportedly unfolded last Saturday evening in the city of Houston shortly after sunset. Lee Wutang's otherwise routine trip through the neighborhood with her dog took an eerie turn when her neighbor noted some strange objects floating on the horizon.

In a video of the puzzling sighting, Wutang can be heard exclaiming "that's crazy" and "wow, that's nuts" as she observed approximately five balls of light in the sky. Towards the end of the footage, an additional orb appears and seems to be speeding towards the group as if it is attempting to catch up with them. Adding a bit more detail to her sighting, Wutang says that "the sky had clouds, but not too many. I didn't observe any sounds coming from the objects."

As for what the objects could have been, aside from an armada of alien craft observing the goings-on in Houston, Wutang's neighbor initially theorized that they were drones. Meanwhile, skeptical viewers watching the video online have posited that perhaps the lights were SpaceX's Starlink satellites, although their non-linear formation would seem to suggest that is not the case. A more plausible explanation, given the timing and behavior of the orbs, is that they were lanterns that had been released around sunset, which Wutang says occurred around thirty minutes prior to her sighting.

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