Watch: Colombian Mayor Shares Video of Ghost Attacking Security Guard

By Tim Binnall

The mayor of a city in Colombia left his constituents scratching their heads when he shared a video of what he claims is a ghost attacking a security guard. The peculiar footage, which was reportedly captured by a security camera in a government office building, was posted to Facebook on Tuesday evening by Jose Manuel Rios Morales, who presides over the community of Armenia. In the odd video, a guard can be seen walking down a hallway before seemingly being violently thrown into a wall by an unseen force. The startled man falls to the floor and then slowly crawls away from the point of impact until two of his coworkers quickly arrive on the scene.

In the surprising Facebook post, Morales wrote "I want to share this video with you today, stressing that as mayor I have the conviction that faith has unbeatable power." He goes on to assure residents that, upon learning of the eerie incident, he enlisted a bishop and other religious figures in the city to bless "every corner of this workspace" and asked his social media followers to join in a prayer to help ward off whatever sinister spirit struck the security guard. Alas, it would seem that his constituents were not as concerned about the potential ghost haunting the building as he might have imagined as many of the comments dismissed the entire affair as foolish and a waste of government resources.

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