Watch: Colorado Man's Concern About Chemtrails Leads to Odd UFO Sighting

By Tim Binnall

A Colorado man who was concerned that a jet flying over his property might be dispersing chemtrails got quite the shock when he also spotted what appeared to be a UFO hovering near the airliner. The strange scene was reportedly filmed by Marc Abell of Vail sometime last week. In the footage, the bewildered witness zooms in on an aircraft with a thick contrail and marvels that "I got him. He's spraying. Look at that, you guys, this is what they're doing to us."

As hard as it may be to imagine, Abell's consternation over possible chemicals being deposited on his community by a clandestine government program took on an even more conspiratorial tone when he noticed that there was also a puzzling orb lingering near the jet. While filming the airliner and its purported chemtrail, he begins telling a story of a similar sighting he had in the past when he suddenly stops and observes "look, there's another plane there or something. What is that?"

The object in question was a silvery orb that seemed to fly towards the purported chemtrail and linger inside of the alleged spray. "That is crazy," Abell declares and, faced with the difficult choice of deciding which weird event in the sky to film, quickly abandons following the airliner and begins focusing on the UFO instead. The entire incident left Abell in a state of confusion as he later concedes that the jet which initially piqued his interest may not have been spraying chemtrails after all. With that in mind, what's your theory for the weird scene that he filmed? Let us know at the C2C Facebook page.

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