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Watch: Couple Films Loch Ness Monster?

By Tim Binnall

An English couple visiting Loch Ness on vacation could not believe their eyes when they looked out onto the water and caught glimpse of a strange anomaly that some suspect could be the site's legendary monster. The sighting reportedly occurred earlier this week as Gloria and Ian Davison were driving along the highway which runs alongside the loch. The couple quickly pulled over to the side of the road so that they could get a better look at the strange anomaly that had emerged from the water.

To their credit, they also managed to capture a bit of footage from the sighting which shows a dark oddity on the water which stands out amid the otherwise picturesque scene. According to the couple, they were approximately 1,000 feet from the mysterious anomaly and their entire incident lasted about one minute before the black form slipped beneath the water and disappeared.

While it's difficult to discern what, exactly, the Davisons encountered, they appear to be certain that it was some kind of creature. Looking back on the oddity that she saw, Gloria marveled that "it seemed to have a neck and head. I could definitely see its back and it was a fair size ... it was definitely not a seal." To that end, the couple's report was given a measure of credibility when it was accepted by Gary Campbell and the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register as the seventh such possible encounter with the creature this year.


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