Watch: Creepy Clown Filmed in Arkansas

By Tim Binnall

A teenager in Arkansas claims that he recently encountered a creepy clown inexplicably digging a hole on the side of a road and actually filmed the haunting harlequin in action. According to a local media report, Brayden Ledford and a friend were near a lake in the city of Russellville on Monday night when the alleged sighting took place. "We pulled up down that road," he recalled, "and there was a clown just sitting there."

According to Ledford, the strange sight was initially amusing until the clown noticed the two young men and began walking towards them while dragging the shovel ominously. Before that took place, he managed to film the mysterious stranger and, as teens these days are wont to do, promptly uploaded the footage to social media, where it has racked up a whopping 750,000 views to date.

Although the footage is undeniably that of a clown and the harlequin is certainly creepy, skeptical observers can be forgiven for expressing some doubt as to the overall veracity of the teen's tale. To that end, Leland's decision not to report the sighting to police raises suspicions that the video may have merely been a fairly well-crafted hoax designed to garner interest online, which it clearly did.

That said, given the proverbial hall of mirrors that is the creepy clown phenomenon, determining what is real and what is not can sometimes be a fool's errand. And, around this time of year, that task becomes even more difficult. With that in mind, what's your take on the Arkansas teen's footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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