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Watch: Creepy 'Mystery Creature' Encountered in Polish Forest

By Tim Binnall

An unnerving piece of footage purportedly filmed in a Polish forest appears to show a man's terrifying encounter with some kind of mystery creature. The eerie scene was reportedly filmed earlier this year and recently received renewed attention when it was picked up by a YouTube channel devoted to strange and unusual videos. As is so often the case with such pieces of footage, the precise location of the incident as well as the identity of the individual behind the camera is unknown as this time.

In the nightmare-inducing video, unsettling sounds seemingly coming from the woods can be heard as the man heads in the direction of the commotion. When he finally reaches the source, the lifts his flashlight up and illuminates some kind of creature lurking behind a tree. Shaken by what he has seen, the witness appears to switch to a different light source to get a better look at the oddity before fleeing from the scene in fright.

Asked by a viewer on YouTube what he had stumbled upon in the forest, the man replied, "these 'creatures' are known as crawlers" and claimed that they come from "caves and mines." The witness went on to assert that "they shouldn't be really dangerous, but I recommend you keep your distance from them." Setting aside that fantastic explanation for the video, more skeptical minded viewers have suggested that the creature could have simply been a prosaic forest dweller that sounded terrifying under the circumstances or, failing that, the video was a well-crafted hoax.

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