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Watch: Crows Encounter UFO

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of footage from California shows a flock of crows encountering a strange UFO that hovers in the sky. The intriguing video was recorded by a bewildered witness in the community of Marina Del Ray sometime last week. After being posted online, the video was picked up by a number of YouTube channels devoted to sharing and enhancing fantastic footage of UFOs.

In the video, a round dark object can be seen floating in the air as dozens of seemingly agitated crows squawk wildly and fly around the oddity. Despite getting fairly close to the aerial interloper, the birds fortunately manage to avoid hitting the object. Little insight into the incident is provided by the witness, who merely marvels "aliens" when a friend arrives on the scene. That said, an enhanced version of the footage shows what looks to be a discoloration or light in the center of the anomaly.

Setting aside the paranormal possibilities that the UFO is an alien craft or a portal to another world, there are a few prosaic theories worthy of consideration. The first is that the object was a 'runaway' balloon, although the fact that it didn't appear to be moving at all would seem to work against that particular explanation. Another solution offered by some skeptical observers is that the object could be a drone. What's your best guess for what the weird object was? Let us know at the C2C Facebook page.


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