Watch: Dad Films 'Haunted' Swing at Playground

A trip to the playground turned supernatural for one Rhode Island family after they spotted a swing dramatically swaying without any people near it or any sign of wind.

Scotty Denton filmed the strange scene as he and his children took refuge in their car and watched the bizarre event unfold.

According to Denton, his kids refused to return to the playground after they noticed the odd behavior of the swing.

As the family observed the anomaly, the children attempted to come up with some reason for why it was happening, but they were stumped.

Considering that the surrounding swings are barely moving, the possibility of wind being the cause seems rather unlikely.

Denton insisted that there was no chicanery involved and the astonished response of his kids appears to bolster that claim.

"This is a dead serious video," he declared, "I'm not playing around."

That would seem to be the case, since hoaxing the scene would have required Denton's kids to have been in on the performance along with him.

And, as anyone with young children can attest, getting a gaggle of youngsters to stay in the car in order to act out a fake haunting rather than have fun at the playground may be more unbelievable than actually seeing a ghostly swing.

Check out the video and let us know what you think may have been moving the swing at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Express

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