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Watch: Dashcam Captures 'Ghost Car' Accident in Singapore

An odd dashcam video from Singapore has left many viewers scratching their heads as is shows a traffic accident seemingly caused by a 'ghost car.'

In the perplexing footage, a white car can be seen sitting at a busy junction and then slowly taking a right turn.

However, almost immediately after the driver begins accelerating, the vehicle is slammed into by an oncoming car that appears to have come out of nowhere.

Attempting to find where the 'ghost car' came from has proven to be a challenge for many observers, causing the confounding footage to go viral over the last few days.

Based on the sun is casting shadows over the road from whence the 'ghost car' came, it would appear that the vehicle was hidden by an optical illusion at least from the perspective of the dashcam.

How and why the driver who got hit did not see the car coming is an altogether different mystery, but one would not be surprised if it somehow involved being distracted by a cell phone.

Nonetheless, for the sake of everyone involved, hopefully the accident did not involve an actual 'ghost car,' because that would surely be a nightmare to explain to an insurance company.

Source: The Sun


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