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Watch: 'Dinosaur' Busted for Defying Coronavirus Lockdown in Spain

By Tim Binnall

A clever individual in Spain inadvertently provided a much-needed dose of levity to the country as it struggles with the coronavirus crisis when they were busted by police roaming outside their locked-down home while wearing a dinosaur costume. The amusing incident reportedly occurred earlier this week in the city of Murcia which is, as with the rest of the nation, under a 15-day-long state of emergency in response to the pandemic wherein residents are only allowed to leave the home for essential trips, including taking their pets outside for a walk.

This particular rule was clarified by the Murcia Police Department, who shared a video on Twitter which showing the funny moment in which the dinosaur costume-clad resident is stopped by the cops. "Having a Tyrannosaurus rex is not covered" by the pet exemption, the department jokingly explained. Showing that they had a sense of humor about the incident, the Murcia police went so far as to add the Jurassic Park theme song to the footage which quickly racked up over five million views in just a few days.

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