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Watch: Diver Encounters 'Ghost Fish'

By Tim Binnall

A diver swimming off the coast of Malta encountered a strange transparent creature that resembled a veritable 'ghost fish.' The wondrous oddity was reportedly spotted by Raniero Borg as he explored the waters near the coastal town of Marsalforn. "I was very curious about it," he recalled, marveling that "I have never come across anything like this during my 40 years of diving."

In footage captured during the dive, Borg can be seen reaching out and carefully examining the mysterious creature which he likened to "a miniature jelly whale or dolphin." Estimating that the curious specimen was around a foot long and eight inches wide, the diver noted that some kind of organ could be observed inside the odd blob.

A subsequent consultation with Malta’s International Ocean Institute provided Borg with an answer as to what he'd encountered during his dive. According to the organization, the creature in question was an organism known as salp. These gelatinous creatures are somewhat renowned in the marine biology world for their unique ability to propel themselves by passing water through their body.

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