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Watch: Divers Encounter Giant 'Ghostly' Sea Creature

By Tim Binnall

A pair of divers exploring off the coast of New Zealand could not believe their eyes when they encountered an enormous and breathtaking creature that made them look diminutive by comparison. Steve Hathaway and Andrew Buttle told a local media outlet that they were amazed when they spotted the 26-foot-long oddity which seemed to almost be undulating in the water like an untethered white ribbon.

While they were careful not to disturb the creature, the duo managed to spend a significant amount of time near the creature, appreciating it's majestic nature. "I was quite incredulous and elated that such a creature existed," Buttle marveled. Fortunately, they were able to share the experience by way of an underwater camera that captured the fantastic sight.

As to what the 'monster' was, marine biologists say that the strange sea creature was most likely a pyrosome, which is actually a colony of tiny organisms that come together to create a larger cloud-like form.

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