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Watch: Doorbell Cam Captures Threatening EVP?

By Tim Binnall

A creepy piece of doorbell camera footage seemingly contains a disembodied voice uttering a rather chilling threat. The video was obtained by the Texas-based paranormal podcast 'Haunted AF' from an individual named 'Chris.' According to him, the doorbell security camera at his home kept being triggered at around 3 AM every night and an odd orb appeared on the recording.

Conceding that he didn't think much of the weirdness at first, Chris explained that his perspective quickly changed when, one evening, he thought he heard the words 'open the door.' "As soon as I heard it, I got a really cold chill up my spine," he recalled. A subsequent incident took things to an even more sinister level, he said, as the voice appeared to issue a worrisome warning.

In the video, which can be seen above, the recurring orb appears at the start of the scene to possibly cause the camera to come alive. At around 47 seconds into the video, what sounds like the unsettling words "I'll kill you" can be heard when the volume is turned up. Of course, as with all EVPs, the spooky statement requires a fair share of interpretation and could be a form of auditory pareidolia, but the creepy caution comes across pretty clearly when one is expecting to hear it.

As for Chris, he says that he is still living in the home, but the security system went haywire shortly after the video was recorded and they haven't bothered to get it fixed yet. Considering what it recorded, we can understand why he may be reticent about receiving any future messages by way of the doorbell camera. What's your take on the strange video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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