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Watch: Drone Films Haunted Hall

A drone operator in the UK has produced a breathtaking video that explores the ruins of a building with a history of hauntings.

Nocton Hall was built nearly 500 years ago and served various functions over the years including as a hospital for members of the British Air Force from World War I until it was shut down in 1995.

During the time the hospital was in operation, seven staff members famously reportedly encountering the spirit of a sobbing little girl.

Other witnesses over the years also claimed to have seen the spirit of a woman who became dubbed the 'Grey Lady.'

Unfortunately, Nocton Hall succumbed to a fire in 2004 and all that has been left of the building is an eerie shell of its former self.

This haunting scene was recently captured in incredible detail by drone operator Photo Finish, who created an awesome video exploring the site from an overhead perspective.

While the footage does not capture any ghosts lingering on the property, with the creepy site sitting destroyed beneath dark, ominous clouds, it's certainly haunting nonetheless.

Source: The Lincolnite


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