Watch: Eerie Activity Filmed at Haunted Hotel in Texas

By Tim Binnall

A spooky piece of footage from a notoriously haunted hotel in Texas shows toys that seemingly move on their own and an eerie shadow anomaly that sweeps through the room. According to a local media report, the video was recorded last week by a security camera at the Magnolia Hotel in the city of Seguin. The establishment, which was built in 1840, was the site of a particularly grisly incident in 1874 wherein a little girl was murdered by an ax-wielding intruder. It is believed that the spirit of the youngster, named Emma, has remained at the hotel and, over time, made her presence known in a variety of ways.

In the strange scene captured this past weekend, multiple odd events unfolded in a room filled with toys. First, a ball inexplicably rolls across the floor while a pair of 'rem pods' furiously flash. These devices, popular with paranormal investigators, are said to only illuminate when they are being touched by something. As this is happening, a shadowy form can be seen briefly entering the room before vanishing under a table. And, upon the appearance of the puzzling anomaly, a dress on a nearby mannequin flutters as if the air is being disturbed.

As one might imagine, the owners of the hotel believe that the weird happenings seen in the video are the result of the building's ghosts paying a visit to the site. “That is our children's room where all of our little spirits enjoy playing because of all the toys," co-owner Erin Ghedi explained, "this was definitely sweet Emma because she is the one who enjoys rolling the ball." The shadow figure, she theorized, is a separate spirit known as 'Mrs. Read,' who the proprietors say is tasked with keeping an eye on the ghostly children who inhabit the hotel. What do you make of the chilling video? Share your thoughts with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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