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Watch: Eerie Anomaly Filmed in NM

The home security system of a family in New Mexico captured footage of a strange anomaly that they suspect could be a ghost.

As they were eating dinner on Tuesday evening, Breanna Hernandez's husband looked over at the camera monitor and was stunned to see some kind of glowing oddity on the screen.

The weird anomaly seems to resemble of 'being' that is quickly scampering behind the cars in their driveway.

For her part, Hernandez is convinced the cameras filmed a ghost, telling KRQE, "you can see the movement of either arms or legs going with the body as it goes by."

While skeptics may scoff and say that the 'ghost' is probably an everyday object like a plastic bag, the potential ghost does, indeed, appear to be running rather than floating in the breeze.

Check out the puzzling footage and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: KRQE


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