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Watch: Eerie 'Eye' Appears in Sky

Footage of an eerie cloud formation in China has gone viral on the country's social media as some suspect that it is actually the eye of God! The spooky video was filmed a few weeks ago in the Inner Mongolia region of the country and soon made its way online, where it spread like wildfire. According to one report, a witness to the oddity can be heard exclaiming "God has eyes."

Based on the remarkable online popularity of the video in China, it would seem that many others had a similar assessment and ascribed some kind of heavenly origin to the anomaly. Meanwhile, others have likened it to the infamous 'All Seeing Eye' of Illuminati lore, although one assumes that is merely a coincidence and not some kind of sinister message from the 'powers that be.'

Skeptics, of course, will likely say that the 'eye' is merely being a meteorological phenomenon and not a miraculous message from the other side. Had it blinked, though, they may have had a different take on the matter. To that end, where do you stand on the strange footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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