Watch: Eerie Face Mysteriously Appears Behind Girl Riding Down Slide in Mexico

By Tim Binnall

A spooky video from Mexico appears to show a ghostly face suddenly appear behind a little girl as she rides down a slide. The eerie piece of footage was reportedly filmed by Hernandez Blankhaa as her husband and daughter were playing at a park in the community of San Nicolas de los Garza last month. She subsequently posted the video to her Facebook page a few days later, musing that "I did not know whether to upload this or not, but I decided to share it." In the video, as her daughter descends the chute, a creepy-looking face emerges from the darkness at the top of the slide before quickly vanishing back into the shadows.

Blankhaa insists that her family were the only people at the playground at the time and, as such, she cannot explain what could account for the weird visage which somewhat resembles the villainous Chuckie character from the Child's Play films. "Every time I watch this video it makes my skin crawl," the unnerved mother said, "someone please can give me a hypothesis for this because I am in shock." Blankhaa's social media post wound up going viral with, as one might imagine, people offering all manner of theories for the source of the strange face with some suggesting that it could be a ghost and others arguing that it was merely a clever hoax. With that in mind, what's your take on the odd video? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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