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Watch: Eerie 'Face' Spotted Under Bridge on Google Maps

By Tim Binnall

A weird video making the rounds online shows what appears to be the face of some kind of entity captured on Google Maps. The eerie visage came to light by way of the YouTube channel 'Hidden Underbelly,' which showed viewers precisely how to find the odd anomaly, which is located on an image of the underside of a highway bridge in the city of Ithaca, New York.

Speculation surrounding the nature of the face has led to a few suspects, including graffiti, a mask, or, to more fantastic observers, some kind of demon or goblin-like creature. Skeptics, of course, argue that the oddity is merely a trick of light and shadow. Beyond the anomaly itself, a more puzzling aspect of the story may be the question of how it was discovered in the first place, since the location is an incredibly obscure spot that would seemingly have nothing to offer should one look at it on the mapping service.


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