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Watch: Eerie Figure Spotted by Security Camera

By Tim Binnall

A creepy piece of security camera footage from a home in upstate New York shows some kind of figure running outside a house and then seemingly vanishing into thin air. The odd video was posted to Reddit by a user who explained that his friend installed a security system after "his dog kept freaking out for no reason." When he checked the footage following one such incident, the man was taken aback by what he saw.

In the eerie footage, a strange figure can be seen hastily running through the man's backyard before disappearing into the darkness. At nearly the same time, the homeowner appears outside with a flashlight in an attempt to see what had been scaring his dog, but does not encounter the trespasser. Answering questions from his fellow Reddit users, the man who shared the video noted that the odd event took place back in January of 2017 and that he only recently remembered that he had the footage on his phone.

A number of different theories have been offered regarding the nature of the mysterious stranger. Among the more fantastic suggestions are that it was a ghost, a Bigfoot, or even a time traveler. Meanwhile, skeptical observers have argued that the figure could have been a prowler who was caught off guard by the commotion in the backyard and subsequently made to look spooky due to the way in which the security system renders video. What's your take on the weird footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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