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Watch: Eerie Figure Stalks Moose?

A strange piece of footage from Canada shows a moose lingering by the side of the road as what appears to be a figure of some kind stalks towards it. The eerie scene was filmed by a woman named Audree Frechette and took place in a forested area of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula last weekend. As is often the case with such incidents, she didn't notice the odd interloper at the time, but later spotted it when she looked at the video.

Filmed through Frechette's windshield seemingly at dusk, the spooky footage at first appears to be a fairly run-of-the-mill video of a majestic moose. However, the eye is quickly drawn to what emerges from behind the animal: a pale-looking anomaly that looks vaguely humanoid as it seems to sport a head and arms. Chillingly, the figure then lurches towards the moose which apparently does not notice or is unperturbed by the visitor.

Regarding what the anomaly could have been, imaginative viewers have suggested a variety of entities, although most of them seem to reside in the realm of fiction. Given the coloring of the creature, it's hard to imagine that it is a Bigfoot, although there have been reports of lighter-colored Sasquatch in the past, so it cannot be ruled out. Those looking for a more prosaic explanation, it is probably reasonable to eliminate an on-site hoax, since it would be pretty foolhardy to put on a costume and sneak up on a wild moose.

The fact that the animal does not react to the 'being' in its midst raises the possibility that, whatever it is, the 'creature' is a member of the animal kingdom known to the moose and, thus, not seen as something dangerous. That said, we're hard pressed to put a finger on exactly what kind of animal could account for such a strange-looking appearance. Share your theory on the nature of the oddity at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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