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Watch: Eerie Sea Creature Washes Ashore in Vietnam

By Tim Binnall

A tour guide walking along a beach in Vietnam found a bizarre sea creature that seems to be covered in creepy tentacles. The nightmare-inducing discovery was made by a man named Du Nam Du in the Vietnamese province of Kien Giang. According to reports, the puzzled beachcomber couldn't quite figure out what it was and, displaying a commendable level of bravery, decided to pick it up for a closer look.

For those afraid to watch, the footage of the frightening find shows the dark-colored oddity sitting on a table as the tour guide and others look on in amazement. Perhaps the most unsettling part of the video is that the thing seems to still be alive as it can be seen undulating in a manner reminiscent of some kind of alien creature from a science fiction film. To their credit, it is said that the monstrosity was eventually returned to the ocean by the puzzled group once they had grown tired of gawking at it.

As to what it may have been, Du himself was bewildered and conceded that he wasn't quite sure if it was an animal or a plant. Other observers weren't so sure as one local resident expressed concern that it was a sea monster of some kind. Fortunately, marine experts who have seen the footage say that it is probably seaweed and that it's weird wriggling was the result of it being exposed to the air after being pulled from the water.

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