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Watch: Eerie White Cat Crashes Funeral in Malaysia

A spooky video from Malaysia shows a mysterious white cat suddenly appear during a man's funeral and refuse to leave his freshly-filled grave.

The eerie scene was captured on video by the man's grandson, who says that the cat did not belong to the family nor do they have any idea where it came from.

Nonetheless, the feline seemed to connect with the departed man as it sat perched on his grave and would not budge, despite several attempts to move the animal away from the area.

Making the weird incident all the more intriguing is that the man purportedly loved cats when he was alive.

Is this simply the case of a cat acting up at an inappropriate time or some kind of supernatural message being imparted by the frisky feline? Let us know your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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