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Watch: Electric Eel Powers Christmas Lights at Aquarium in Tennessee

By Tim Binnall

An electric eel at the Tennessee Aquarium has become something of a star attraction after workers created a special system in which power generated from the creature lights up a Christmas Tree. The tank containing the fiery fish, dubbed 'Miguel Wattson,' reportedly features sensors which detect electricity emitted by the animal. When it is looking for food, the eel gives off a steady, low-voltage and, upon finding something to eat or getting excited, significantly larger pulses of power are produced by the creature.

The holiday-themed display is actually not the only trick up Miguel's sleeve as the aquarium has also connected the creature to Twitter. Whenever the eel produces a particularly powerful burst of electricity, a new tweet is issued from its account. The messages are in keeping with the creature's 'shocking' ability and somewhat reminiscent of the old Batman TV show as they largely consist of exclamations such as "BAZOWWW!!!!" and "KA-BOOOOOOOM!!!!!"


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