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Watch: Enormous Puppet Unveiled in England

An incredible 39-foot mechanical puppet was unveiled to the public today as part of a celebration of England's mining heritage.

Dubbed 'The Man Engine,' the enormous marionette was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of the UK's mining region being named a Unesco World Heritage site.

At Monday's debut, the awesome figure was greeted by a massive crowd as puppeteers helped it to its feet in a scene that resembled a science fiction monster movie.

Over the next two weeks, the puppet will travel throughout the area where it will be the centerpiece of celebrations in ten different communities.

Although the image of 'The Man Engine' on its feet is a daunting sight, the puppet is equally impressive when it is folded up for transportation as the 'crawling' version measures over ten feet tall.

While it is almost certainly not going to come to life and wreak havoc across the UK, there's just something about the giant puppet that kind of makes you think it could.

Source: Guardian


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