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Watch: Face of Bigfoot Filmed?

An odd video allegedly shot by a trapper in Canada purportedly shows a brief Bigfoot encounter in which the man believes that he filmed the legendary creature's face! The footage, posted to YouTube earlier this week, is said to have been taken near an old mining town known as Nordegg by an individual named Robert Ross. According to the description accompanying the video, the trapper stumbled upon a disused camp site and took out his camera to document the intriguing find.

As Ross maneuvered around to get a better view of the area, he seemingly filmed something that appears to be rather hairy. The video then has a jarring jump cut and goes into slow motion as it shows the anomaly that looks as if it sporting a face. The trapper was apparently quite disturbed by the experience as he then quickly takes off running while the camera is still filming.

Suffice it to say, Ross suspects that he spotted a Sasquatch, but there are a few elements of the video which suggest that may not be the case and it could, in fact, be a clever hoax. Chiefly among them is the nature of how the video is edited where the perceived creature suddenly appears front and center despite being hard, if not impossible, to find seconds earlier.

Additionally, the 'creature' in question boasts an enormous amount of hair atop its head in a fashion unlike traditional Sasquatch sighting accounts. As such, one would be wise to classify this particular piece of footage as questionable, at best. What's your take on the video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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