Watch: Family Films Odd UFO in Iowa

By Tim Binnall

A family cruising down the highway in Iowa were left scratching their heads when they spotted a puzzling UFO in the sky ahead of them. The curious sighting was reportedly captured on film near the city of Keokuk by Jay Mitchell as he and his family were passing through the area. Much to their profound surprise, their journey took a strange turn when they noticed that a large glowing orb in the sky had suddenly started moving. It was at that point that they began filming the strange scene and, while observing the weird object cross the sky, they debated what exactly they were watching.

In the family's video, the children in the backseat theorize that the anomaly is a UFO and one of the youngsters goes so far as to ask "is that aliens?" In the moment, their mother dismisses the extraterrestrial speculation, but now that they are out of earshot of the children, Mitchell concedes that the nature of the peculiar object has proven to be a mystery. "I am unsure exactly what it was. It was very big and very bright," he says, "It definitely was not a plane. It was a few hundred yards in the sky and too low for a large plane."

Intriguingly, after the bewildered dad posted the footage online, he began hearing from people in the area who have seen similar strange things in the sky. "My sister lives close to that area on the Mississippi and she’s been seeing crazy stuff in the skies for the past several months," one individual told Mitchell. Another person marveled that "this is precisely the same chunk of sky my family repeatedly sees strange things." What's your take on the peculiar anomaly spotted by the family? Share your best guess at the C2C Facebook page.

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