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Watch: 'Flying' Turtle Whacks Car

By Tim Binnall

A driver cruising down the highway in South Carolina got quite the shock when his car was hit by a 'flying' turtle. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the city of Conway as John Gardner was heading to work. His otherwise routine trip took a strange turn when a truck in front of him clipped a turtle that had gotten too close to the road and sent the creature flying through the air.

Unfortunately for Gardner, the airborne animal careened into the windshield of his car and smashed it. From behind the wheel, the bewildered driver said the flying turtle resembled "a big, black dot coming at me" at such an incredible speed that he was unable to avoid being struck. Looking back on the odd accident, Gardner is still a bit bewildered by it, musing "I still don't understand how it, like, the exact angle of that tire, for it to just fling into my windshield."

Thankfully, Gardner managed to make it out of the weird situation unscathed aside from being covered in glass from his windshield. The turtle, on the other hand, was not quite so lucky as it died upon impact. One can only imagine what the creature was thinking for those few fleeting moments when it took to the air and felt a freedom unlike anything it had previously experienced only to have it all come to an abrupt and tragic end.


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