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Watch: Foolhardy Zoo Patron Climbs Over Fence and Rides Giraffe!

By Tim Binnall

A wild video out of Kazakhstan shows a foolhardy zoo patron scramble over a fence into a giraffe enclosure and ride one of the creatures. The jaw-dropping stunt reportedly took place at a popular zoo in the city of Shymkent and was captured on film by an astounded bystander. In the footage, the man can be seen scaling the fence and, at first, just petting the animal's massive neck.

However, he quickly decides to take things a dangerous step further by climbing onto the giraffe. Surprisingly, the creature initially doesn't seem to be too disturbed by the presence of the patron on its back and gives the man a brief ride around the enclosure. Eventually, though, the giraffe tires of the man's antics, shaking him off and sending him falling to the ground.

Shockingly, the man in undeterred by that turn of events and attempts to ride the giraffe again. This time, the creature is clearly unhappy about the intrusion and violently convulses as the interloper hangs on for dear life and onlookers shout what we're guessing were words of condemnation at the man. Eventually, after a few more moments of harassment, the patron's misadventure comes to an end when he exits the enclosure.

Footage of the strange scene wound up being posted to a Kazakhstani Instagram account and quickly went viral in the country. As one can imagine, the Shymkent Zoo was not too thrilled by the man's brazen behavior and authorities in the city are currently trying to track him down so that he can be brought to justice. As to why he made the unwise decision to break into the giraffe enclosure, a local media report indicated that inebriation was to blame for the not-too-bright idea.

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