Watch: Gator Leap Terrifies Tourists

With the help of an ambitious alligator, a Missouri family visiting Florida inadvertently produced an unforgettable vacation video when the creature jumped onto their boat!

Tylor Hindery and his wife were participating in one of the quintessential Floridian tourist experiences: taking a boat ride through gator country.

During their excursion, the tour boat managed to get stuck in the mud for a few moments during which they just so happened to be perilously close to an alligator on shore.

Seemingly content with its lounging, the gator appeared to pose no threat to the group, so Tylor began filming the creature and posting it live on Facebook.

His friends who happened to be watching the video online as it unfolded were treated to quite the show as the gator suddenly lunged at the boat and ended up inside the boat!

Clearly no longer concerned with his audience at home, Tylor reacts as one would expect when confronted by an alligator that is likely to be very disoriented and reeled backward away from the creature.

Fortunately, the rambunctious reptile didn't stay onboard the ship for long and eventually found its way back into the water as the tourists watched on in terror.

Ironically enough, the scene may end up funding future Hindery vacations as, in an perfectly timed moment after the gator departs, one of the tourists asks him, "did get that on Facebook live?"

Considering you couldn't have scripted a better advertisement for the service, we suspect that the social media titan will be using the Hindrey's video in a commercial before too long.

Source: Miami Herald


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