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Watch: Ghost Appears Behind Patron at Notoriously Haunted Pub?

By Tim Binnall

The owner of a notoriously haunted pub in England suspects that the security system at the site may have captured an appearance by one of the restaurant's resident spirits. The eerie incident reportedly occurred at the 284-year-old watering hole known as The Dolphin in the town of Littlehampton. As one can imagine, based on its considerable age, tales of ghostly encounters and paranormal happenings have long been attached to the location.

According to Ellie Boiling, who operates the pub, the latest case of potential paranormal activity took place when one of the Dolphin's regular patrons told her that he'd felt an inexplicable force brush up against him. Intrigued by the odd account, she subsequently checked the CCTV system to see if it had filmed anything out of the ordinary and was astounded by what she saw.

In the video, a weird anomaly that slightly resembles a small entity can be seen appearing behind the unsuspecting man before disappearing into thin air. Based on the numerous stories of ghosts said to reside at the pub, Boiling believes that this oddity is one of those apparitions. An attempt to duplicate the footage by a local paranormal research group found that such a task was impossible.

Responding to the suggestion that she could have hoaxed the video, Boiling declared that "I know nothing about technical stuff." Nonetheless, skeptics will likely argue that the 'spirit' in the video is merely an inadvertent creation of the CCTV system itself or perhaps an errant reflection of some kind. What's your take on the spooky video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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