Watch: Ghost Boy Spotted in Jordan?

By Tim Binnall

An eerie video filmed by an urban explorer in Jordan appears to show a young boy lurking in an abandoned building and some viewers suspect that the out-of-place figure is a ghost. The spooky footage was reportedly captured last month by Jordanian YouTube personality Hasan Bar Bar, who has created an array of videos wherein he visits shuttered sites in the hopes of encountering ghosts or documenting paranormal activity. In this particular instance, which saw the man investigating a building that appears to be unfinished, it would seem that his search for spirits was successful.

In the video, which is already rather spooky due to the darkness and its derelict nature of the site, Bar Bar roams around the building with a flashlight. When he illuminates down a series of doorways, he is stunned to see a small boy dressed in all black standing at the end of the makeshift hallway. After a brief staredown, the unsettling youngster eventually turns and walks out of sight. A shaken Bar Bar then dashed towards the spot where he saw the stranger and finds that it is an empty room.

As one might imagine, many viewers suspect that the ghost hunter stumbled upon the spirit of a child in the empty building. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, it's difficult to get Bar Bar's precise thoughts on the experience, though the Arabic caption to his video reads "the child of the jinn threatened me that he would complain about my appearance," which would appear to indicate that the ghost hunter believes that he encountered a supernatural being. Of course, not everyone is convinced, as many skeptical observers argue that the scene was orchestrated in order to generate a buzz for Bar Bar's YouTube channel. With that in mind, what's your take on the video? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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