Watch: Ghost Child Filmed on Australian Highway?

By Tim Binnall

An eerie piece of dashcam footage from Australia shows what appears to be a diminutive figure standing on a freeway at night and some people suspect that the mysterious form could have been a ghost child. The odd encounter sighting reportedly occurred on Sunday evening as Mitch Kuhne was driving along the country's Hume Highway. Much to his profound surprise, as he zipped down the road going around 60 miles-per-hour, he suddenly sped past what seemed to be a small person wearing a blue coat and lurking in the left lane of the highway.

Suspecting that he had just narrowly missed hitting a child that had wandered onto the freeway, Kuhne phoned the police to report the troubling situation. From there, the story takes a rather strange turn as the young man claims that he made a second call to the cops about 45 minutes later to follow up on his report and offer his dashcam footage (which can be seen above) to possibly help in the case. According to Kuhne, he was told that the tot had been found and that authorities would not need his video, which he subsequently posted to social media.

However, when an Australian media outlet looked into the weird incident, they were given an altogether different account. Police informed them that they had actually searched the area where Kuhn had seen the child for a whopping eight hours and found no sign of any youngster. Additionally, authorities say that there were no reports of a missing person who might correspond with what the driver had seen. Taken together some have theorized that perhaps Kuhn had filmed a ghost child on the highway, while others argue that the somewhat indecipherable anomaly was merely misidentified debris. What's your take on the curious footage? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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