Watch: Ghost Dog Filmed in North Carolina?

A North Carolina woman mourning the loss of her beloved pet dog believes she may have filmed the spirit of the departed animal making one last visit to her home.

Kimberley Pearce was forced to put down the cocker spaniel, named Sadie, last week and had been grief stricken ever since.

However while playing with a new puppy, which she got a few days later, Pearce recorded a remarkable video that may have captured Sadie's ghost!

In the video, the family's older golden retriever can be seen ambling around in an adjacent room and then coming to join Pearce.

When she calls for her new dog, an eerie and small anomaly appears to briefly come bounding around the corner before vanishing, followed by the puppy scrambling into view.

Pearce says that she is certain that she filmed the Sadie's spirit and that the event was the animal's way of saying goodbye.

Although that may be the case, ghost researchers would note that its also possible that Pearce filmed the residual energy of the animal likely conjured by the deep feelings of loss being felt by the family.

Skeptics, of course, will dismiss the video as a technical glitch which Pearce sees as Sadie since she needed closure about the dog's death.

Indeed, whatever caused the anomaly to appear in the video may be secondary to the effect it had on Pearce as it allowed her to let go of whatever regrets she may have had about Sadie's passing.

The concept of animals on the 'other side' has been discussed by a handful of paranormal researchers and mediums in the past.

Coast Insiders can check out animal communicator Asia Voight talking about her work speaking with departed pets on the 9/26/2012 edition of the program.

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Source: Express

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