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Watch: Ghost Filmed Aboard Historic British Warship?

A visitor to the historic British warship the HMS Victory suspects that he may have captured footage of a ghost lurking aboard the iconic vessel.

The ship, which was once helmed by legendary British Admiral Lord Nelson and played a role in several critical naval battles, currently serves as a museum in the English city of Portsmouth.

It was there that Tony Ferguson found himself last week, exploring the vessel by himself early one morning.

Despite there being no one else in the upper chamber where he was, Ferguson felt as if someone was watching him.

In response to that sensation, he pulled out his cell phone and filmed some of the scene inside the ship.

Remarkably, it was only later that Ferguson realized that he had caught something anomalous in the form of what appears to be a woman wearing a long dress walking across an adjoining room.

"What is so strange is I didn’t see anything at all with my own eyes," he marveled to Caters Media, "if I had seen an actual person there I would have put the camera down straight away."

According to Ferguson, the apparition apparently walked through a solid wall in front of her, although this detail is hard to discern from the video.

That said, the 'form' featured in the video is undeniably that of a person, who Ferguson believes may have been the spirit of Lord Nelson's wife, who was known to have visited her husband aboard the ship.

Perhaps the best explanation which could be offered by skeptics for the oddity is that it is a museum worker wearing period dress, although this does not explain why Ferguson would be so astounded to see such an individual.

What's your take on the intriguing footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Storytrender

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