Watch: Ghost Filmed at Abandoned Asylum?

By Tim Binnall

A paranormal investigator exploring an abandoned asylum in Wales believes that she filmed a brief glimpse of a ghost during her investigation. The potential spirit encounter was reportedly captured by Kayleigh Love as she was visiting the Mid Wales Hospital in the community of Talgarth back in September, but only decided to share the footage late last month. Although she and a fellow ghost hunter did not notice anything out of the ordinary as they were walking through the building, a subsequent examination of their footage from the investigation yielded a chilling detail.

In the video, Love walks through the dilapidated building, which was shuttered two decades ago, and marvels at its state of disrepair. As the camera pans across a hallway, an anomaly resembling a hooded figure can briefly be seen in a doorway that is otherwise illuminated by sunlight. When the ghost hunter later turns her camera back to the hallway, the curious form seems to have vanished. "My stomach turned," Love recalled of the moment in which she later spotted the potential ghost while reviewing her video, "even when I had to edit the footage later on to slow it down so others can get a good look at her, it made me feel on edge and uneasy."

As one might imagine, the ghost hunter suspects that the oddity captured on film was the spirit of someone who once resided at the asylum. "I believe she is a patient still trapped there and her room was situated in that corridor," Love mused, "I feel her story needs to be told and maybe this is her way of reaching out in order to cross over and escape this asylum." In response to the critics suggesting that she faked the video, Love declared that "all I can say is: if this evidence of a spirit is good enough to come across as a real-life living person, then I have hit the jackpot as far as paranormal evidence is concerned." With that in mind, what's your take on the perplexing footage? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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