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Watch: Ghost Filmed at English Pub?

By Tim Binnall

A weird piece of security camera footage from a pub in England features an odd anomaly that some suspect could be a ghost child. The eerie sight was reportedly spotted by the assistant manager at the Lamb and Lion pub in the city of York. As Lee Smith and the staff at the restaurant were preparing to open the establishment one morning last week, he checked the CCTV at the pub to see where a waitress named Molly was working.

Much to his amazement, seemingly standing behind his co-worker was what looked to be some kind of apparition. "I saw the outline of what appeared to be a ghost," he recalled, "which caused me to jump back shocked, thinking 'what on earth is that?'" Smith subsequently called Molly over and showed her the moment in which the spirit appeared near her and "she was as startled as I was." Remarkably, he said that the waitress revealed that "she thought I was in the room with her and felt someone behind her."

Insisting that the video was not altered in any way, Smith conceded that some observers have suggested that the 'ghost' could be a reflection or perhaps some cobwebs, but he expressed skepticism about those prosaic explanations. For his part, although he does not necessarily believe in ghosts, he couldn't help but observe that the anomaly "looks like a small girl in a dress" and noted that staff at the pub have reported occasional instances of what might be called paranormal activity in the past. What's your take on the spooky footage? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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