Watch: Ghost Goes After Camera at Graveyard in England?

A paranormal investigator visiting a graveyard in England suspects that he may have captured footage of an not-so-friendly ghost flying toward his camera.

The weird incident was filmed by researcher Tony Ferguson at a centuries-old cemetery located in the English town of Eling.

He was prompted to investigate the site after being told by people that they felt a sinister presence when they ventured onto the location.

It would seem that Ferguson experienced a similar sensation at the cemetery as he reportedly sense that he was 'unwanted' at the site as soon as he arrived there.

Undeterred, he continued his investigation of the site and heard a strange 'swoosh' sound sweep past him.

When Ferguson later checked his video from the visit, he was amazed to discover a mist-like anomaly quickly floating through the air and heading toward the camera.

He speculated that the oddity may have been the same spirit he felt in the cemetery and that perhaps it is a ghost that feels protective of the site and wishes to ward off visitors.

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Source: Mirror

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