Watch: Ghost Moves Chair in British Nightclub?

By Tim Binnall

An odd video from a nightclub in England shows a chair inexplicably moving on its own and some suspect that a ghost was behind the eerie moment. According to a local media report, the odd incident was captured by a security camera at Popworld in the city of York last week and the establishment subsequently posted the footage on their Facebook page. In the video, the manager of the nightclub can be seen leaving the room and, shortly thereafter, a chair slowly slides across the floor. In sharing the video on social media, the nightclub declared that "even the ghosts of Popworld know Halloween is around the corner!"

Since being posted online, the footage has amassed thousands of views with some marveling at what they believe to be some spooky supernatural activity unfolding at the nightclub. However, as one might imagine, not everyone is convinced that the footage shows a genuine ghostly event with skeptical observers arguing that the chair was most likely moved by someone hiding behind the bar and pulling it with a string as part of a clever attempt at creating a viral moment for some free publicity around spooky season. With that in mind, what's your take on the footage? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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